If you are living in a brand-new home and it has been almost a year, you should consider getting a Builder Warranty Inspection as the warranty on a new home is typically 12 months.  While almost all builders are ready to stand behind their work and honor their warranty, they also need to know about any issues (especially the ones that are not easy to spot), and that is where ProGuide Inspections is ready to help.  We provide a comprehensive and detailed report and we make sure you completely understand any issues that are found.  With this detailed documentation and knowledge, you can work with your builder to resolve these issues.  And we are always there for any questions that come up.


  1. The building process involves many different and often independent sub-contractors and in the busy process of building a home, sometimes things get overlooked or missed.
  2. The builder has already factored in warranty repairs into the price of the home, so it makes sense to take advantage of the builder’s resources and contractors to quickly fix things that would cost you a lot more money on your own.
  3. Building inspectors check for code compliance, they don’t necessarily check for things like   loose faucets, poorly hung doors, etc.  They also do not typically climb onto the roof, into the attic or crawlspace, where many hidden defects can come to light.
  4. Some missed items during construction can cost you additional money without you even knowing about it, such as missing insulation or ductwork that may not be connected.And some items can cause serious damage to your home, such as un-resolved moisture intrusion.
  5. Houses also “move” and settle during the first year with building materials that expand and contract with weather changes and this may cause some issues that need to be resolved.
Builder Warranty Inspection