With the explosion of the housing market in Idaho and the Treasure Valley, there are hundreds of new homes out there. And if you have recently purchased or are in the process of buying a newly built home, the general assumption is that everything has been inspected and has been fully checked out. And that may be the case, but here are a few things to consider:

  1. The building process involves many different and often independent sub-contractors and in the busy process of building a home, sometimes things get overlooked or missed.
  2. The home has never been lived in. Many items have not been fully tested.
  3. Building inspectors check for code compliance, they don’t necessarily check for things like loose faucets, poorly hung doors, etc. They also do not typically climb onto the roof, into the attic or crawlspace, where many hidden defects can come to light.

The builder will typically offer a one-year warranty that covers any issues with the home. And it is better to find out about any issues sooner than later. So having an independent professional inspection by ProGuide Inspections, either before your final walk-through or shortly thereafter, is a great idea for your peace of mind. We generate an easy-to-read report that can be shared with your builder to address any issues that might be found.

New construction inspection