There are lots of  issues that can come up during a home inspection. But here is a list of the top five we have found while performing our inspections in the Boise area! We hope this information will help you be able to recognize some of these issues, and so you can avoid being too surprised by some of the discoveries from your inspection report!

ProGuide Inspections is committed to helping our clients feel safe in their homes, and being thorough and transparent in our home inspection reports is a big part of that!
Without further ado– here are the top five things we find in homes all over the Treasure Valley!

1- Roof Flashing:

This is one of the most common issues we find, particularly with older homes. Roof flashing is metal or plastic strips that are installed along your roofline and at any joints or protrusions in your roof. The purpose of roof flashing is to direct water away from specific points of the home. Naturally it’s important to make sure your roof flashing is in tip-top shape!

2- Window caulking:

Caulking is a sealant that is applied to the joints between two different materials in order to prevent water or air from passing through. When it comes to windows, caulking is used around the perimeter of the window in order to keep water from seeping in and causing damage. Over time, caulking can crack or peel away from the surface. When this happens, it should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent water damage and energy leaks! You would be surprised how much the sealant on your windows affects your temperature control and energy bill!

3- Un-finished Electrical outlets:

We see this one a lot, and it is definitely a safety hazard. If you are buying an older home, a home that has had any recent renovations, or new construction, we want to make sure that all the outlets have been properly finished! This means they should have proper covers on them, and no exposed wires. If you see any outlets like this, be sure to mention it to your inspector so they can look out for associated issues as well!
It might not seem like a big deal, but these unfinished outlets are actually a pretty serious fire hazard. So please take the time to check them before you purchase the home, and if your inspection finds any, ask the sellers to get them fixed before closing!

4- Water Heater:

This is another common issue that  we see, especially when installed by the homeowner. The water heater being installed incorrectly, can lead to some serious problems like floods or even fire outbreaks.
If this is something you’re concerned about, or something doesn’t look quite right to you. Let your inspector know! Your water heater is definitely something that you want to be sure is installed correctly and up to code!

5- Missing Insulation:

Last but not least, one of the most common issues we see is a lack of insulation! This can be a big problem because it can make your home very uncomfortable and cause your energy bills to skyrocket! Not to mention, missing insulation can lead to mold growth, and in the winter it can lead to frozen pipes and other issues!
If you’re purchasing a home, or thinking of getting a home inspection, be sure to give ProGuide Inspections a call! We’re one of Treasure Valley’s leading home inspection companies and we would be happy to help you out! Thanks for reading!
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