How to Prioritize Repairs After a Home Inspection?

How to Prioritize Repairs After a Home Inspection?

You’re likely to find a long list of repairs that need to be made after your home inspection. But how do you prioritize them, and which ones should you tackle first?

In this article, we will dive into the most common issues found during a home inspection, as well as how to prioritize your newfound “to-do list” after an inspection!
The most common issues that are found during a home inspection can be generally broken down into three categories: safety, major systems, and cosmetics.
A general rule of thumb is to always take care of any safety issues before anything else.


Some common safety items that pose a more immediate risk to the homeowners can be Wiring issues, old or damaged roofing, faulty or outdated heating, plumbing difficulties, broken stair railings, or structural issues.
Fixing Safety issues is always the most important item on the docket! Getting these things fixed before you close on your home is crucial for your safety as well as your investment!


Major systems such as Appliances not working, floor needing replaced, or sidewalks being cracked are important, but can typically wait a little longer to be fixed. These larger projects can sometimes be put off for a few months or even years without any immediate consequences.


Finally, there are the cosmetic issues like chipped paint, old wallpaper, or scuffed up floors. These items are entirely up to the homeowner on when they would like to take care of them.
A home inspector will make note of these during the inspection but they will not necessarily need to be repaired right away unless it is part of the negotiation with the seller.


Final Thoughts:

Sometimes it’s not possible (or affordable) to fix everything at once. In that case, try to come up with a plan that will address the most pressing issues first, then work on tackling the rest over time. No matter what, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by all the repairs that need to be done! Take it one step at a time and you’ll eventually get your home into tip-top shape!
At Pro Guide Inspections we prioritize sitting down with the homeowner (or buyer) to go over the report and list of items we discovered. We make sure everyone understands the report, and help come up with solutions that are effective, comfortable, and necessary.
Remember, even if you aren’t purchasing a home it is good to get a home inspection every five years to maintain good home maintenance regardless of age!
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